by A Ghost Named Joe

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released August 3, 2016



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A Ghost Named Joe London, Ontario

Founded by Byron McEwen and Evan Whitelaw in 2014, and later joined by Seth Isaac and Jared Verellen, A Ghost Named Joe is a hard hitting metal band from Southern Ontario.

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Track Name: Coal Mine Canary
Gaia trembles as the walls seal our fate,
low rumble sounds the end to escape.

Rubble crushes skin blood and bone,
bodies squeezed past the point of retention.

No sight but the cold endless stone,
and nothing remains but our tomb.

We have nothing but the skin of their bones,
the canary screams of our doom.

The cool kiss of the endless stone,
in twisted harmony with its crushing hold.

Arrogance betrays all men,
who try to hold the fucking world in their hands.

Endless night is all we see, in the coffin we gasp to breath.
In nothing we can believe, endless pain for we all bleed.

Gasping for air, total despair, the nightmares of God can't compare.
Reaching for light, no end in sight, the cold brings darkness to all.

The shadows of death crawl in my mind!

Watching as the weaker men die!

Consciousness displaced, profession disgraced,
never again will the world speak our name.

The last left alive, left with nothing but pain,
the cold, the echoes, the eternal shame,
and as we return to the earth, nothing remains.
Track Name: Death March to Ctesiphon
May Sixth, Kut falls.

We're starved and done the fucking fight.
We're weak, eyes dead, but this foreign desert won't kill me tonight.

This time we blew it, dropped our guns and failed our country.
Even though we knew it wouldn't last, we'd only suffer.

We've done our bit, held our ground against all odds.
Now lets let them take this fucking dusty city.

Jaws locked wide, we march and hope we're not the next to die.
Jaws locked wide, it's the heat that makes it hard to fight.

Jaws locked wide, we march and hope we're not the next to die.
Jaws locked wide, they march us dead or to Ctesiphon.
Track Name: Richmond Row
From the Tavern to the Blooms,
deviance and gluttony loom.

Over indulgence of the drink and the flesh,
a nightly ritual for those yearning for death.

One by one these kids flock to the doors,
hunting for ignorance, vodka and whores.

Walking the path of filth and desire,
the flames of young lust grow nothing but higher.

No salvation where the unjust now go,
this is no heaven, just Richmond Row.

Godless and vile, Frogs rain from the sky.
The Owl shuts it's eyes, and the Devils begin to rise.

Now shut your eyes!

Red dress, senseless, pressed to the floor,
High heels, no pride, dignity forcefully torn.

Red dress, senseless, pressed to the floor,
High heels, no pride, dignity forcefully torn.

More skin more Gin, the legs always change,
but night after night the game stays the same.

More drugs more sin, who could complain,
with a mountain of conquests and a bag of cocaine.
Track Name: Besieged
From endless abyss come the bringers of blackness,
those who dare gaze are left only with madness.

Into their eyes, screaching blind light,
endless infinity, yet theres nothing in sight.

Constructions of chaos beyond all comprehention,
Gaia a wasteland, this is our final decension.

Vicous and vile their hearts black as their suns,
one single blue orb with nowhere to run.

Elected to end us by beings unseen,
They strive for destruction, and bring the obscene.

Scour, searching a barren land!
Ponder, how these men can stand!

Cold black nights between the lights in the sky,
star sent travellers leave us ablaze.

Taking each step as our last one,
our weapons hold not one ounce of strength.